Exercise needs energy. Energy comes from the food we eat. The more we exercise, the more we can eat and enjoy much more variety. Doesn’t that seem nice? This definitely is a better way than curtailing on some of the favourite foods. So you can eat anything-as long as you have the confidence that you will spend it through exercise.

Exercise also has another big advantage; a good exercise routine will shake all body organs and keeps them in good and alert condition. Organs are ready to perform their function as and when the necessity arises. Importantly, body is in a position to throw out waste and maintain optimum health.

What is the best exercise? There are two kinds actually-one that spends energy and the other that activates organs and joints. Walking, jogging, running and aerobics fall under the first category. These are rigorous exercises and hence spend more energy. Yogasana is a slow exercise that makes the joints and organs supple and functional.

Ideally, a combination of a rigorous exercise and Yogasana lead to a healthy and active body.
If there is time for only one, yogasana should be the preferred choice as the other can be made-up through work activity. Again in Yogasana there are many asanas or positions. It’s great of one can dedicate an hour and practice all those asanas. If not, one can choose most suitable asanas according to one’s body condition. Different asanas prevent or cure different ailments.

Early morning hours are best suited for Yogasana or any other exercise as the body is fresh after good rest and exercise readies it further to be active throughout the day. Through the day, one can do exercises after a gap of two hours of eating. Half an hour gap is essential after exercise to consume food.

Rest and relaxation are also key to good health. The body is active throughout the day with different organs going about their function. A 7 hour, good night’s sleep gives body organs enough rest to recoup.  The brain gets rest only during sleep and it’s essential to keep it functioning well. Less sleep creates stress on body, especially on the brain and throws its function out of gear. A person can go mad after a few missed days of sleep and can’t survive if not slept for 11 days.

If all these essential practices are adopted as an inherent part of daily life, one can effortlessly go about performing all their works and duties. Spreading this discipline among family and friends can keep cancer at bay.   

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