Amrutam is a Sanskrit word for water. Its essentiality has been thus obvious since ancient times. Water is becoming a rear commodity and awareness is being created about it. Having access to fresh and pure water is one thing but utilizing it well to have an optimum health has become all the more vital.
Simple facts like how much, when and how to drink water can make a big difference.

How much and when to drink water

Each human body is unique and so are its requirements. Rule of the thumb is to drink water when thirsty. Thirst cues are a way in which body expresses need for water. But water also plays the role of a cleanser. Blood and body get cleansed mostly by the water that one consumes first thing in the morning, much before breakfast. For this, one can drink upto a litre and half of water as soon as waking up. If new to the habit, it can be developed from smaller quantities and eventually increased.
Pranayama, yoga or other exercise can be performed after 15 minutes of drinking water.  Second dose of water can be sipped after an hour of the first one. 3-4 cups (after cultivating the habit) can be consumed this time.

The first dosage of water soaks internal waste and the second dosage helps in disposing it through urine.
          This helps in ridding blood of its impurities which is key to create a healthy  body.
Breakfast can be taken only after 20 minutes of drinking water. Minimum of an hour and half gap is essential after consuming food to have water again. Two glasses of water is fine after that and in subsequent dosages at intervals of half an hour.

Three glasses of water half an hour before lunch is again essential. The same rule of no water soon after food for 2 hours should be kept in mind. Drink two glasses of water after that and continue the process in installments until 20 minutes before taking dinner.  Finally, you can drink 3-4 glasses of water half an hour before dinner. A glass of water two hours after dinner will be the last dosage for the day.
This routine helps body rid of impurities, which when left in the body, can ultimately turn malicious and lead to cancer.

People avoiding drinking water to shun frequent visits to urinate should bear in mind that no work is more important than health. It causes health issues like stomachache, ulcer, pressure on kidneys and constipation over a period of time.         
Many primary ailments can be cured much faster than even medication, by following a good water therapy. You can try it for 10 days and observe the changes yourself. After that, it becomes a habit and a natural lifestyle.

A few tips kept in mind while drinking water, further aid in good health:

  1. Be seated while drinking water
  2. Take-in sip after sip, swallowing and breathing in-between.
  3. Warm water is the best. If not, drink at least water that is at room temperature. Cold water obstructs in digestion by inactivating digestive juices.
  4. Don’t drink too much water with or soon after meals-this again hinders digestion. Water dilutes digestive juices, food remains for long in the stomach and intestines and digestion is retarded.  A few sips, especially between two courses of the meal is fine.
  5. Drink extra water in dry and humid environment. Dried lips indicate dehydration.
  6. Water kept in earthen pots during summer and that  stored in copper containers during
    Other seasons has best quality.

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