Tell us about your journey with IL&FS.

    My journey with IL&FS started in 1996 as a senior officer with the Resource department. The role encompassed liaising with banks / institutions for arranging Rupee as well as foreign currency funds. I moved along the ranks through various functions, from working with Treasury, to working in the Director’s office and later with Project Debt Syndication Group. Post the birth of my second son in 2007, I decided to resign from full time work to focus on my family commitments. IFINs management has always been extremely supportive and I was given the choice to work on a consultative role and I continued to work in the new capacity for a few years. Subsequently, I took a career sabbatical. In 2013, I re-joined IFIN in the International Business Group.

    I joined the international segment at a time where a lot was happening on the global front. With a stable government, low inflation and GDP demonstrating an upward trajectory, India has now emerged as a favoured destination for international investors. I see a plethora of opportunities to grow the business further. It has been an exciting journey and I can see that there’s a lot more to come.

    What is your leadership style? How do you take care of individual aspirations?

    I have a Collaborative style of working. We have weekly team meets every Monday morning for an update on international market developments, new issuances/ products, changes in regulatory guidelines etc.. As we generally do not work on plain vanilla deals and are largely working on innovative structures, a lot of deliberation and strategizing takes place with the team. Teams will always have individuals with varied personalities. It is important for a leader to identify the personality type and promote the right attribute and skills of each individual.. A leader should recognise a person’s ability to assume other responsibilities other than their own KRA, and encourage and groom them in the right environment.

    It is important that the Team understands the organisation’s vision, strategy and targets for the International Business Group and strives to collectively achieve the same, especially when our team are located in disparate locations.

    I also believe in regular feedback. One must not wait till the year end to applaud a person on their assignment or provide corrective guidance

    From a leader standpoint, what are your core value systems?

    What is important is the passion that you bring to your work; being disciplined, focussed, determined and self-driven.

    I also believe in lateral thinking. Each roadblock has an alternate solution. You may need to go back to the drawing board and look at the problem from a different angle or perhaps start with a fresh perspective. You spoke about self-belief, could you elaborate.

    I am a regular practitioner of meditation and yoga . I feel I get my inner strength through silencing the overactive mind. Yoga, of course has its well-known benefits

    You mentioned about opportunities in business. What is your vision in expanding the business?

    I would like to expand IFINs global footprint with new products and newer markets. I would also like IFIN be known as a renowned international infrastructure Investment Bank. How internationally, there are multiple avenues that need to be tapped. Products like the offshore rupee bonds are opening up. There are various investor from Canada, China, Taiwan and other geographies who are looking to invest in India.

    We have signed MoUs with ICBC and EDC earlier this year. I wish to replicate the same and partner with number of key international institutions within various geographies and work on a collaborative framework. This is one way to ensure our growth inorganically. We are very strong in the debt space and we are working towards increasing our presence in the cross border M&A and Private Equity segment of the business. By working closely with international investors and select boutique investment banks, our objective is to open the flood gates for investments to come in within various infrastructure verticals or other sectors, for our clients.

    Do you have any personal aspirations?

    I have always aspired to achieve a work life balance and IFIN is one such place which supports that. My personal aspiration is to continue to balance the various work assignments and personal commitments and live life to the fullest.

    What do you do to unwind?

    I like reading fiction and non-fiction books. So before winding up for the day, I need to read. I also like travelling. It’s enriching to meet and interact with people of different cultures.

    As shared with IFIN Panorama Editorial Team

Anita Ferreira

Anita Ferreira, Head- International Business Group, talks about expanding IFINs global footprint in the international business segment and the importance of having a collaborative approach when working


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