Not many get to see things from conceptualization to reality. It is an evolution that changes our life experience. Being in the stadium at Thiruvananthapuram, made me realize that each time history would be created in this mammoth structure that was built as a temple to worship human strength, conviction, dedication, skill and passion,  I would have a silent little part in it.

Does the bee ever get to see the evolution of blooms it visits, into fruits that feed all kinds of hunger? The water that makes clay soft, so it can be malleable, does it know, what it has helped shape? While they do not, one however would like to presume that they must dream of it. I on the other hand, belong to the rare species called chartered accountants. A chartered accountant's life revolves around facts and figures. While others have vivid dreams and premonitions, we dream in figures and charts and numbers. As a result, one can imagine how it is very unlikely that we get to see what we helped create in our own small way.

But this changed the day I joined the Project Debt Syndication team at IL&FS. Being a part of Infrastructure Finance meant trying to facilitate good funding for roads, power, ports, airports and many other projects that touched millions of lives every single day. We would pick up concepts with solid and substantial time-bound backgrounds, and once the project debt syndication of it was complete and the handover to the project company successfully concluded, we would move on to the next project.

On a recent official trip to Thiruvananthapuram, our spare time presented us with the opportunity to visit one of the infrastructure projects that we had helped syndicate. It was a stadium project, which our company implemented and was on the verge of completion at Karyavattom, Thiruvananthapuram on National Highway 47, under a Special Purpose Vehicle Karyavattom Sports Facilities Limited, a subsidiary of IL&FS Transportation Networks Limited.

As our vehicle approached the stadium, the gigantic size of the structure evoked memories of sketches and plans on my table much before this mammoth even had a foundation. The project specifics were etched in my consciousness - the merits,importance, challenges, that we had envisaged during the time we worked on the project. A few moments more and I would be witness to a project from concept to completion. The mobilization ofINR 241 crores out of the total estimated project cost of INR 345 crores to create an ICC compliant cricket stadium and a FIFA standard compliant football stadium, the only one of its kind in our country!

I felt a sense of childlike pride as I saw the elegantly placed IL&FS logoin the seating, and absorbed the majestic view of the cricket stadium. As we moved in deeper, wesaw the world-classpressrooms, the swimming pool, the badminton court, the volleyball court.The sheer magnitude of the project engulfed me with a very powerful and undeniable sense of fulfillment.

There, in that empty stadium, I could feel the vibration of crowds yet to fill those seats. For a few profound moments, my feelings were one with the stadium. I was a part of hundreds of dreams that would be realised on these grounds. I was going to be a part of the million emotions this space would witness. I was a part of this platform, upon which hundreds of sportsmen and women would be made or broken. Thousands of fans would be praying right here in these seats for their teams. And I realized that it wasnot just a fleeting feeling.I would always be a part of the stadium. Each time history would be created in this mammoth structure that was built as a temple to worship human strength, conviction, dedication, skill and passion, I would have a silent little part in it.

In that moment, it dawned upon me. I, a chartered accountant working in Project Debt Syndication, have been immortalized in a silent, salient and significant way. I had achieved much more than a salary and work experience. I had achieved a role in the development story of my nation.

Ganesh Shetty

Vice President in the Project Debt Syndication team at IL&FS Financial Services based at Bangalore



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