Having played golf for over 18 years and spending countless days hacking that little white ball, my passion towards it is still undying. Golf has not only impacted my life personally, but professionally too. It is a great stress buster and an excellent way of building a network while remain connected with like-minded people and business associates.

Here are some of the business lessons I have learned over the years, some directly from golf while others are indirect:

1. You have to keep moving from one point to another

The tee shot is just the start. You might have mastered it and now very comfortable playing the stroke. But neither is the game over, nor what is expected from you in business. The game is to keep moving on the next shot to make it better than the previous one. Likewise, in business, achieving one milestone sets you reinvigorated to accomplish many more.

2. Compare to Learn not to Churn

Seeing other Golfers hitting a perfect stroke inspires you to replicate the one and their bad stroke makes you understand your shortcomings. They can teach you a great deal, you just need to focus, learn and work on it rather than being occupied with how good or bad the others are. Similarly, in business, take the learning from the peers and implement them to have the effective results!

3. Strategy, tactic and technique is part of the job

Golf is not just to hit the ball- it is also about the strategy of placing the ball, approach of when to hit and the technique of how to hit which plays a vital role to make it a perfect game. In golf, we give ourselves time to understand the distance to be covered, in what direction to attack, decide on the swing before we actually strike the ball, similarly merely having business knowledge doesn’t help until and unless the same is implemented with appropriate strategies, methodologies and techniques.

4. Learn your lesson

The game of golf, just like business, seems easy and glorious. However, to be successful at it, you must go through various ‘holes’. Every time you achieve a milestone, ask yourself, what did I learn? How to be more efficient in the next step? What makes us stand out is to make it ‘Hole-in-One’.
5. A relaxed mind accomplishes more than a stressed mind

Every golf stroke you play has to be effectual so as to achieve larger goals. A clear mind will positively impact these actions. Business with clear vision and mission navigates in the right direction.

6. Focus and self-discipline are non-negotiable, whether it is in golf or in business

In an 18 hole golf game the back nine is as important as the front nine. There are many who start slow but finish strong. Focus, concentration and discipline are the key points to have a win-win situation – be it Golf or business.

7. A strong network takes time and patience, just like putting

Many people set aggressive goals but relationships, personal or professional are sensitive to hard hits. You can walk alone to a distance, but if you have to go farther, interpersonal aptitude takes you there.

8. Learn to delegate

One could very well carry the golf bag themselves, but they choose to have a caddie. This helps you focus on what is expected from you. Delegating what others can also do benefits as you have enough space to give attention on your larger goals.

9. Not all outcomes can be anticipated, but you should plan for all variables

You may not be able to predict the direction of the wind accurately, but you must know it could impact your game. Similarly, in business, you may not know what will change in the macro environment, but scenario planning will keep you in good stead.

10. Have fun though

Don’t let all the decline, planning and learning take the fun away from the game or the job. You got to be excited and look forward to coming back to the golf course and the workplace.

Also, don't forget to thank your caddie; without him/her you would not have succeeded. So who is your caddie in business?

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