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The word ‘Cancer’ is used to indicate something that spreads quickly. But the prospect of cancer itself spreading uncontrollably among population is appalling. Thankfully it has not happened yet, but the danger lingers, as more than 1,500 persons succumb to cancer every day in India. According to World Health Organisation, cancer is one of the major threats to public health.

There is no need to panic. Prevention of cancer is possible with awareness and practice of a good lifestyle as unhealthy lifestyle and diet are the main causes of this deadly disease and many others.

We ingest three main elements into our body-air, water and food. Balance of these elements itself is good health. Yes, it’s as simple as that. What about external factors? Those have to be dealt too, but at a community level. If   we follow a healthy routine as individuals, body itself is capable of dealing with attacks from outside.

  Adhering to what can be termed as ‘ideal maintenance’ of these factors will lead to a healthy body and a big deviation will have results otherwise. Here’s a look at everyday habits for optimum health.

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