My journey to re-inventing education

By  Sugata Mitra 

Sharing fascinating incidents from his life, education researcher Sugata Mitra connects the dots to what led him to his now famous experiments in education and self organised learning environments, in a conversation with Lakshmi Pratury.

The future is better than you think

By Peter Diamandis

XPRIZE Foundation's Peter Diamandis shows us that the world’s biggest problems can also be the biggest business opportunities. Powered by exponential technologies, Diamandis believes that all of us have the tools to take on humanity’s greatest challenges.


A magic show like you've never seen

By Marco Tempest

In this multi-act performance, cyber illusionist Marco Tempest uses augmented reality—along with his copious creativity and talent—to bring a high-tech twist to a magic show. You’ll never look at a deck of cards the same way again! Between acts, Marco reflects on the striking similarity between yesterday’s magic and today’s technological realities, and thus asserts that magicians “prototype the future”. 

Big data for social impact

By Deb Roy

As the world lights up with news and rumours on social media, Deb Roy and his team of researchers at MIT’s Laboratory for Social Machines trace back through data archives to understand and map the anatomy of a rumour. Looking at data around events like the Boston Marathon bombings is helping them build real-time responsive systems of great value for journalists and authorities.

From college dropout to going viral

By Deepak Ravindran

hat was the motivating factor behind developing SMSGyan, a wildly successful SMS based information delivery system in India? It was to impress a girl. Hear the full story by its creator and INK Fellow, Deepak Ravindran.

What happens after your husband throws acid on your face?

By Shirin Juwaley

Shirin Juwaley's husband threw acid on her face after she requested a divorce. In this harshly honest talk, Juwaley challenges society, and even the audience, to question their stereotypes and prejudices. Why are people with visual disfigurements socially ostracized and isolated? And more importantly, why is this behavior acceptable in society? This unforgettable talk will forever change your presumptions and perceptions about visually different people.

Understanding identity

By Kalki Koechlin

Bollywood actress Kalki Koechlin takes us through her journey as an artist and person, starting with being of mixed heritage in India to her acclaimed role in the movie Dev. D to her penchant for writing poetry, in this interview with Lakshmi Pratury.

Learn, unlearn, relearn

By Kirthiga Reddy

In this punchy and energetic presentation, Facebook India head Kirthiga Reddy divulges how her daughters force her to push her own boundaries – and, at times, to rethink everything she knows. Kirthiga presents compelling evidence that the world is "going visual” and explores disruptive changes in the way we communicate. With a moving video from Facebook Egypt, she also showcases the power of technology and community to help us destroy old paradigms and create newer, more gender-equitable ones. 

How millennials perceive time

By Abhijit Bhaduri

What might seem like a short period of time for a 40-year-old is “a really long time” for a 20-year-old. In this fascinating talk, Abhijit Bhaduri gives us an insight into the time perception gap between the older generation and the young.

Branding in the age of social media

By Charles Cadell

A veteran of the advertising industry, McCann Asia-Pacific President Charles Cadell has seen a seismic shift in how brands present themselves—prompted largely by the presence of mobile phones and the power of social media. In this research-based presentation, Charles delineates these changes and focuses particularly on Asia’s consumers, who combined make up half of the world’s social media users. Through vivid case studies, Charles puts forth the idea that the success of a brand today no longer depends just on smart marketing, but on the very ethos of a company. 

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