Notice the red and white truck in your compound, hounded by a line of hungry Mumbaikars dying to get a slice? We invite you to tuck into a bite of your very own ‘Chef-awaited’ fantasy with Mumbai’s first serious “Street-Gourmet food truck”, coupled with the freshest Indian agricultural produce – all love-laboured into OPA Hospitality’s latest passionate venture

Combining old school Bombay nostalgia with inspiration from famed food trucks of New York, Bombay Food Truck (#BFT) made its first monthly pitstop at Kamala Mills (follow our (w)heels on Instagram) serving up a global fare of salads, mains, hot dogs, sandwiches, fries and of course, Ashish’s signature cutting desserts. Served with much quirk

Bombay's First and biggest food truck is filled with lots of flavor,humor and a sprinkle of style as BFT breaks away from the monotony of boring, roadside eats by boasting a menu that has travelled across the globe and is worth licking clean

The fact that Bombay doesn't have a good truck was a huge inspiration and yes the movie “chef” was inspiring too. Having studied abroad Ashish always wondered why we can’t have them back home

BFT offers Gourment sandwiches, burgers, hot dogs and will be constantly innovating with the menu. Ashish thinks the audiences are ready are eagerly awaiting for innovation with food.The price has always been a consideration when serving from a food truck and the price strategy for BFTis to keep the offerings accessible, topical and open for anyone to try, across income brackets and demographics. Also, BFT’s concept is to serve Gourmet Street Food from across the world, hence the price points need to be value of money driven.The biggest learning has been collaboration and innovation - the more people you reach, the more you learn of their preferences and the more freedom you have to innovate!

The challenges involved in launching Mumbai’s first food truck were many as Ashishis still trying to figure out licenses and the correct way forward so in the future it's encouraging for more people to follow. The biggest issue is that there is no clear legislation - hence there is specific no way forward or a regulation system to deal with a food truck in Mumbai. May be the people will join this crusade soon and force a decision. It for reasons like these that the BFT finds it difficult to roam freely on the roads of Mumbai

The future has much more in store, as BFT changes its menu monthly, to bring forth newer culinary experiments from the #BFT kitchen lab, as it tours the city with popular chefs (and secret ones) to bring you a food journey like none other. The whole city is really in love with BFT, people love interacting and sharing their images on social media, other chefs and restauranteurs are inspired by Ashish’s pioneering efforts on the BFT

Bombay brands take note, there's never been a more delicious way to make your event sing! Yes, the Bombay Food Truck is available for events, parties, music festivals, brand activations and maybe even a big fat Indian wedding or two

The BFT, the first of its kind food truck is here to stay, are you savvy!!

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