Nutritious food is a celebration of life, capable of enlivening your vitality and engaging all your senses. Unfortunately, due to the hectic pace of modern life, eating is more often an exercise in refueling than a celebration. In the previous issue we had learnt that ‘we become what we eat’. This basic principle proclaims that the straightforward yet profound fact that almost every molecule that currently resides in your body was derived from food put into our mouth. Ancient wisdom of Ayurveda (meaning science of longevity) holds that food is more than just protein, carbohydrate and fat. It is concentrated intelligent energy of the universe. Re-establishing mind-body connection can make diet selection and eating easy.

Vast choice

Next to breathing, eating is the most natural process in the world and it should be easy and enjoyable to follow a healthy diet. Yet, many people are confused about what to eat. Nutrition has become complicated partly due to vast choices available. Never before had so many people had so many food options. We have the opportunity to sample food from distant countries and exotic places around the world. Expanded choices create greater uncertainty.

Unlimited information

Access to diverse sources of information has also generated confusion. On a regular basis, new experts in nutrition offer convincing arguments for an innovative dietary plan. Soon another nutritionist offers a differed plan. Obviously, people are confused.

Re-establish mind-body connection

Part of this problem can be solved by establishing a connection between mind and body. People are so busy thinking about what to eat that they have lost the ability to hear what their body is asking for. This may have originated since childhood, with orders to finish everything on plate or to eat at a fixed time. This results in viewing appetite as an enemy, a kind of fear that if left unchecked, the hunger for food will compel them to eat large quantity. This shows the extent to which we’ve lost mind-body integration, for a strong appetite is one of the most important signs of good health. When consciously listened to it, it can tell you when and what to eat in order for you to remain vital and free from disease.

Healthy nutrition is not so complicated after all

We define ourselves by what we eat, and this is not entirely inappropriate, for our body is made of food. We just have to start believing that healthy nutrition is not so complicated. If you strain yourself to follow a diet that is supposed to be good for you, the stress probably outweighs the benefit.

People struggling to lose unwanted weight adopt quick and effortless solutions, often switching from one weight-loss diet to another. Quick-fix diets rarely produce lasting benefits and may not be nutritionally balanced. Attaining and maintaining an ideal wight is most easily achieved by following a consciousness-based approach.

Eat healthy, delicious food so you can create a healthy, vital body. Make healthy choices and you’ll have a healthy body. To the extent that you can choose, select the option that is most likely to nourish you, and avoid choices that are toxic or depleting. One of the most direct choices that you make on a daily basis is what to put into your mouth. Celebrate eating, the biological alchemy that transforms vegetables and grains into energy, muscles and bones. Life evolves by regular consumption and recreation. Food is consciousness. When we nourish ourselves with food that is derived from the amalgamation of sun and earth, it nurtures not just our body but our minds and souls as well.

Honoring your appetite and eating with awareness will reawaken a healthy connection between your mind and body. When listed to, your body will tell you when it is hungry and when it is satisfied. Pay attention to messages it is sending-it is trying to tell you what it needs to be healthy and fit. Ensure that all six tastes are available at every meal and you will satisfy the cravings that can sabotage your efforts to lose weight. Avoid crash diets. Start a nutritional and lifestyle programme that will serve you throughout your life. Exercise your body to enhance your cardiovascular system and convert fat into muscle.

The sounds, sights, sensations and smells you ingest while eating are important as the flavours you put in your mouth.


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