Tell us about your journey with IL&FS.

I started my career in the year 2000 with Apollo Tyres and then moved onto serve GE Capital and ICICI Bank. With IL&FS, I began my journey in 2005 and it’s been ten years since.

What is most striking about IL&FS is the freedom that you are given in the manner you approach work and handle assignments on your own, independence given for every task. As an individual it helped me to explore possibilities and come up with newer thoughts and ideas, in whatever task was given to me.

When there was a change in the regional setup, I was given the opportunity and the independence to manage a portfolio at a regional level, stationed out of Chennai. That helped me in handling clients independently and coordinating internally across levels, without any boundaries. So that truly helped in my personal evolution.

Post this, when I moved to Hyderabad to set up a new branch, I was yet again given a freehand and the sole responsibility along with collaborative management decisions, to grow the asset lending business.

I recently moved to Mumbai with the responsibility to handle the Business Development (BD) team for IFIN. The organisation felt the need to focus on BD to improve focus on fee based business

So the last 10 years has been really satisfying and fulfilling, both personally and professionally.

How would you describe your leadership style? And how do you keep your team engaged and motivated?

Allow them the space to operate within the requirement of the organisation. I feel that is very important. We all have a common organisational goal and you know what you need to accomplish as a team. Unless the individual contributor realises what he or she needs to achieve, the common goal would be difficult to achieve.

Give them the liberty to share their ideas and suggestions and the freedom to operate on their own individual accord on given tasks, backing it up with the required guidance. This I feel is the biggest motivation for any individual. Apart from monetary benefits, recognise their efforts and give them constant feedback for the work that they have done and how they could do it better.

How do we keep employees motivated for longer durations?

Recognition and visibility are two very critical aspects for any employee.

The reason why I have been happy at my work here is because of the continuous visibility and the ability to establish connects with the management over the years. This is how one can grow and contribute in the organisation positively.

At times, teams face synergistic difficulties. How does one deal with it?

One should understand what the core problem is. Keep the goal constantly in mind and then see how to get everybody on board. There could be differences from your own team or other teams or from your peers. Instead of pitting one against the other, empathise each other’s position, mutually agree on a course of action and choose the best way forward.

How do your core values translate to organisational goals or values?

Integrity is foremost. You should be known as a person who can be relied upon.

Second is having respect for others. As an individual one should have mutual respect for everyone, irrespective of designation. Respect helps you in getting things done with people, whether at work or within your personal environment.

How do you foresee expanding the business further?

The BD team is fairly new in the organisation. Earlier a part of the Asset and Structured Finance team, we have now formed a separate functioning team. We have had decent traction after being carved out as a separate focussed team but there is a lot more to do and our focus is to generate more business for the company as well as across the product verticals. We hope to see further movement in this area in the coming years, in reaching out to more external clients.

Is there anything that you are passionate about?

I love to travel and going on long drives. As and when we get the chance, we love to travel as a family.

Spending time with my kids takes priority now.

As shared with IFIN Panorama Editorial Team


In conversation with Head - West & South, Business Development IFIN, who has been bestowed the honour of being the Business Leader of the year, 2015. He believes in allowing freedom to his team along with recognition and visibility in attaining high levels of motivation, which is critical for growth.


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