Every once in a while, emerging from the warmth of a joyous heart, flushed with a deep sense of
gratefulness, a spontaneous blissful smile graces the face

Thankful to God for the heavenly blessings, for there are people who instil that emotion; bestowing us
with their sublime goodness, enriching our lives to a higher denomination

These marbles of gem, illuminating our path with their pure affections; gently infusing the confidence of
worth, touching our soul with their honest actions

Guidance, love, care and support, all privileges of their cherished companion; eternal lessons,
experiences and beloved memories, inspiring one to be a true champion

A profound desire emerges within, to somehow honour these precious gifts; convey their significance in
this journey, for their kindness has been truly angelic

But never really been able to show how much they mean, strangled by the many worldly limitations; and
such are the circumstances of fate, time usually crafts some parting ramifications

So as one struggles to put these sentiments in words, no language can express the depth of
Gratitude; would earnestly hope and pray for their welfare, may they always scale the greatest altitude

Praful Khurana
Debt Structuring & Distribution Group, Gurgaon


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