Pledge, the word, means “a solemn promise or undertaking”. It’s a strong word and a big responsibility.

When did we take our last pledge? What did it mean to us?
Have we been true to that pledge?

Is it that unless there is something critical or bothering us, we do not go in the mode of taking a pledge? Quitting a bad habit, losing weight, achieving goals at work etc. are few examples of these.

Do we ever take a pledge for the betterment of someone else?
Does this show a trend of the contemporary society in this modern and practical world today? Have the days gone when a pledge taken for someone else was a matter of life and death?

There are numerous examples from Indian mythology; Bhishma’s pledge in Mahabharata, to be the guiding light of Hastinapur or Chanakya’s pledge to be the force behind the progress of the empire of Magadha. These are examples of pledges taken for the betterment of someone else or a group of people and it takes courage and responsibility to be true to it.
Are we losing our roots?

Are we defying Darwinian Theory of evolution to a better specie?

Since the dawn of the new India, where development and opportunities are at a high, has the Indian society overlooked its responsibility to safeguard human guardianship and better living?
Does the ruthless jaws of change and development, riding on practical decisions, eventually overlook the need for a compassionate society?

A hard fact, but true.

The need is to build a culture of selfless deeds, at an individual level and not only at a larger scale. What this beautiful world needs is a commitment at an individual level as well to hand over this world with all its beauty to the forthcoming generation. Why wait for an occasion? Why not silently, in our own way keep true to our commitment to make this a better world?

The employees of IL&FS Financial Services are cognizant of this need and value smallest contributions made by family members that work with us. We have, without any forced measure, received pledges from our employees about what they will continue doing or will start doing to make this a better world. The initiative has been a moving experience for all of us. It gives us immense satisfaction to know, the effort people are making currently or will make in future to make the world a better place. The pledges made us realize that there is so much one can do easily to ensure we contribute to our environment and society. Saving resources, keeping the environment pure, feeding the needy, helping the underprivileged, elderly care are a few examples which come to us naturally but the fact that people are doing their bit to be kind to animals, fight for women rights, spreading smiles inspires us all the more.

An experience like this, when more than 200 people release their pledge to the universe, the questions I asked earlier are answered, may be for a while. It is our own way of confirming our commitment. It has started from us and we would ensure the discipline carries on. We will periodically go back to each one of us and ascertain the commitment we had chosen. The people we work with, inspire us to start taking responsibility towards the world, the immediate ecosystem that we live in. We are doing our bit and PLEDGE to keep doing with the hope that you are doing yours.

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