1) Through the shadow of mine,
The waves that I see,
Trembling below my knee,
For no one to see,
As I walk into the dark, each night I see,
A stronger me which I know I can be.
I walk I run as fast as I can
I reach nowhere but I know I can stand
The emotions I go through now stabilize in me
Knowing that there is a beautiful life ahead of me

2) The silent prayer I hear each night,
The Lord who comes in my dreams and comes to sight,
Each night and each day as I pray,
I know we are blessed each day

3) What does life hold?
What does life say?
When the road ahead of us,
Never know which way,
The bitterness the ugliness we face all through our life,
Its only moments later that we realize,
What a beautiful life it is indeed to live,
What a beautiful life it is to have.

4) In our lost time we often try to see,
Where the road of our future is going to make us lead,
Time shall pass by, days shall move,
The night and day will tell us why.
Why does the day change into the night and night into the day?
Why do the stars shine each day?
The lights will shine brighter; these lights will take away the pain,
Aware that this phase too shall fade away.

Mayura Worlikar

Mayura is an impulsive reader and writer, She likes cooking and travelling

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