Air is called ‘Prana’ in Sanskrit. Life is based on the air we take-in and exhale.  Breathing right supplies of oxygen prevents the occurrence of cancer- as cancer cells can’t survive in oxygen. Simply put, oxygen in each of our body cells is responsible for fighting the unwanted element. How can we ascertain enough oxygen supply to all cells? Pranayama comes into play here.

Pranayama is the control of prana or vital life force inhaled through breath and its techniques rely on deep breathing. It helps in breathing vital force to throw out toxins. It ensures that inhaled oxygen through breathing is reached to each and every cell in the body.

There are eight basic types of Pranayama, which a guru can teach you. It involves deep inhaling as in bastrika, inhaling through either of the nostril as in anuroma and viloma, quick exhaling through kapaalbati and inhaling with a stress on the throat(ujjayi) to correct thyroid malfunctioning.  Pranayama quiets and calms the entire nervous system, reducing stress and anxiety and improving self-awareness. Thus one’s resilience for adversity increases and the mind remains focused and still.

Deep breathing ensures oxygen supply to even those innermost cells, which normally don’t get enough supply during our normal breathing. Oxygen in cells ensures health and prevents diseases, including cancer. That’s how some yogic gurus are able to claim success in curing cancer through Pranayama. One has to bare in mind that pranyama is one of the key elements and has to be substantiated with other key lifestyle procedures for complete wellness.

Pranayama can be practiced once or twice a day, at any time of the day. Early morning hours, before sunrise have Ozone (O3) and have extra benefit than that of oxygen (O2).  Being in the open amidst trees and nature has better effects.

Air pollution is a common place these days, especially in cities. Using air purifiers insides homes may become a norm in future. But adopting ways of our intelligent ancestors who had invented techniques to purify the surrounding air in the environment can prove much more effective and beneficial to larger communities.

Agnihotra, traditional air purification method is still practised at places like the banks of river Ganga in Varanasi, Hardwar and some others. The ceremony was part of ancient yagyas or fire ceremonies performed in quest of tranquillity. This ritual called Agnihotra, performed at the time of sunrise and sunset, is said to purify the air, water, soil and thoughts and create a naturally conducive environment for the land to produce more grain and for people to get a feel of wellbeing, sacrifice and philanthropy. A pinch of rice and a few drops of pure cow ghee are lit in a pyramid shaped vessel made of copper to create a healthy smoke that rises in the open sky. Least contribution to pollution, protecting nature and growing trees is of course every individual’s responsibility towards existence.

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