Head - Business Development, North Region, IFIN speaks strongly about Strategic Branding as a key tool for business expansion and feels that a degree of freehand enhances creative thinking within a team.

How would you describe your leadership style? 

It is said that one is only as good as one’s team and in that sense it is important for any leader to be approachable, to set the bar and keep the teams engaged, inspired and optimally productive. I look for and encourage participation, where team members can actively put forward their ideas and views. As a leader, I feel I work for my team and it is my role to assist them in achieving their success and goals. A leader also needs to maintain a balance between achieving organisational goals and taking care of  career progression and needs and aspirations of the team.

How do we keep employees motivated for longer durations?

The endeavour is to constantly create a positive work environment, recognise hard work and respect individuality. Leaders need to be cognizant of their team’s strengths and weaknesses, and align team’s personal aspirations with their professional goals. For any employee, it is a delight  when achievement of organisational goals  translates to their own personal growth. It is important to let employees do their jobs efficiently by providing them with right training and support.

Human mind learns faster when there is an environment fostering positive feedback mechanism. It is important to give your team a 360 degree perspective about transactions to help them identify different facets of a problem. This followed by some brainstorming with the team, encourages them to provide innovative solutions to the problem.

How do you encourage creative thinking within your team?

To encourage creativity within a team, you must allow some amount of error.Holding a person responsible for their mistakes and penalising them, would discourage their efforts while thinking innovatively. Equally important, is to understand each team member and understand the extent of their creative bent of mind. No two individuals are alike. Each one has had varied experiences and come from different economic and social backgrounds. Understanding their limitations and strengths, and letting them learn from their mistakes, would help them develop skills the right way.

What are your strategies for expanding the business further?

Financial services are fundamental to economic growth. Given the existing economic scenario, business expansion has to be cautiously aggressive. Tracking newer geographies and sunrise sectors like education, health, renewable etc.  IFIN has already built a strong brand and has geographical outreach, both domestically and globally. Communicating the brand to various stake holders and creating awareness about IFIN in the financial space is a key for expansion of business. With the recent corporate communication team in place we plan to leverage our brand as a strategic tool for business expansion.

Being a woman leader, how do you balance the dynamic requirements of various business teams and external stake holders?

Organisations exist because of their ability to create value for various stake holders (both internal and external). When you have diverse groups of people comprising of internal teams as well as external stakeholders, there will be divergent views. Maintain a continuous connect and synergise the vision of the organisation with the requirements of the clients.

Internally, one should align teams to a common objective, and wherever necessary bring in functional experts to facilitate the project. Leadership always takes front row in building synergy with various business teams and clients
One should also keep in mind that a workplace is a minefield of conflicting personalities, and it is essential to understand and work alongside different dynamics. When dealing with extreme perspectives, it is important that the senior management stays collaboratively involved with the transaction.

How do you, as a leader, articulate the business needs of IFIN to your team?

All your team members might not have access to strategic discussions hence it is very important to ensure that all communication is conveyed to the team in a very clear, transparent and unambiguous manner. They look towards their leader to communicate the organisation’s vision and goals. A well-articulated communication which is simple and establishes relevance at various levels is the key. Equally important is reinforcing the same, to increase understanding and connectivity with the employees

What do you do to unwind?

I love to cook and eat. I enjoy travelling and my holidays are usually clubbed with some activity. Spending some good time with my family also helps me unwind

What are your personal aspirations?

I don’t equate my aspirations to having more in life but to be more. I aspire to be more happy, contented and enthused to excel in my personal and professional life. Be a better human being and do what ever little I can do for making my country a better place to live.


Sangeeta Garg


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