We are what we eat. Our energy and growth comes from food. We take food through the mouth, where chewing digests it partially. It is further process in the stomach for assimilation in to the body functioning and providing energy. Hence healthy functioning of stomach is key to prevent most ailments. Eating when hungry is the first rule. Hunger pangs indicate body’s immediate energy requirement.
Chewing well is key to maintain a healthy body. How many times do you chew?  A medium size bite can be chewed 32 times. Digestive juices get activated in the stomach during the chewing process and get are ready to further assimilate the food.

Eating natural, wholesome food that is most suitable to the stomach aids in digestion. Heavy and refined foods don’t have enough fiber in them to help in digestion and there’s pressure on stomach to digest it. It may take longer to do the same work. If the next meal or snack is taken before the completion of digestion, the stomach is unable to finish the task and extra pressure makes it stow away partially digested food at available soft corners of the body. These become toxins and await excretion. If not excreted, they can convert into malign lumps.

Again, if enough time is given through fasting period at night and sufficient water is ingested in the morning to flush out; these toxins will be forced to excrete. Detoxification through longer fasting for a day also helps. When extra food is consumed, there’s no harm as long as it is digested well. It is then evenly stored as fat in the body and is utilized later when the body needs extra energy.

The same happens when we consume heavy and refined foods that overload the stomach and affect its functioning. When given freedom of space and time the stomach is capable of taking-in what is healthy and excreting what is harmful for the body.  If not corrected immediately, persisting problem of accumulating waste finally manifests into different disease conditions. Ready to eat foods rich salt, sugar, fat and additives fall into this category. These have to be consumed in moderation as regular consumption can and indigestion can turn them carcinogenic over a period of time.

 Regular fasting for a minimum of 12 hours every day between dinner and breakfast helps in ridding of the day’s waste. Further cleansing every month can be done through a day’s fast with only water or juices, fruits or with tender coconut water.

Consuming lot of water during meals, as we discussed earlier, also hinders digestion.
Fresh raw food cooked and consumed immediately when hot is the best one. Cultivate the habit of eating salads and fruits when freshly cooked food is not available.

Exotic imported foods are not the best choice. Fresh, natural and locally grown food is good as the body is more responsive to this. Less transportation is utilized in reaching locally grown food items, thus saving fuel and environment.

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