Walk, walk and walk- not just good for healthy and energetic day but fresh air, open space, greenery and lively scenes help relax the mind.

It is known that walking is a good activity to keep the body fit and active. A walk is more than just a fitness activity. It is an exercise for eyes and mind as well, as eyes capture moving images and make mind work on it. Walk in a serene environment soothes the sight and mind. It also brings a person close to earth and its five elements which are lost within the walls. Most of the time, we walk  involuntarily when we want to go somewhere, to get something or to do a work. When we walk inside the home or office or within a closed environment, the mind is engaged in a pre-conceived thought.


Walking for the purpose is more of an aerobic that activates the body to release energy and the mind to assimilate surrounding natural activities and connect with nature. It is not a wholesome exercise but contributes greatly to wellbeing as an outdoor activity. This is essential to relax the mind from being struck on modern gadgets like mobile, computer and television that drive it in a single pre-set direction.  Walking under the sky opens-up mind to infinite thinking and hence makes it creative. A creative mind can think differently and apply its own technique while doing any work.

Time to walk

It’s a natural exercise that can be taken any time of the day. Volunteering to walk in the morning, evening or during the pleasant time of the day in a natural environment has become essential especially in big cities to get away from hectic pace of life.  The mind is free during this kind of walk and is able to connect with the surrounding natural happenings that fall under broader part of our lives. These are neglected amidst busy schedules that are getting more and more focussed due to competitive work environment. Giving the mind a break from such thought processes relaxes the mind to get rid of stress.
One common question in people’s mind is whether to do slow walk or brisk walk. That depends on individual body composition and the purpose of walk. Those walking to reduce weight can choose brisk walk or even jog. Morning time is more suitable for this kind as the body is relaxed and can easily workout to release energy by breaking muscle fat. Ozone (O3) during early morning hours aids in breathing more oxygen into lungs, thus creating energy to last the day. One also needs to walk for an uninterrupted walk for at least 30 minutes every day to get the required result. Relaxed walks can be taken anytime, but a regular discipline helps keep-up with the body clock.  

Walking on a natural ground near a water body like the sea, river or pond and a park or garden with green surroundings is a pleasurable activity. Chirping birds add melody.

If impossible to spare time for an exclusive walk, a long tread on the way back from work by getting down from the car, bus or train a wee bit away from the final destination and walking home can make a difference. Walking to the nearby market to buy fresh produce will not only loosen the limb joints but also save the cost of petrol and the trouble of parking. One can also enjoy that samosa or an ice-cream without feeling guilty. One only has to make up his or her mind to make walk a daily habit. Where there’s a will, there’s a walk.

Authored by
Anand & Madhura Katti

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