Strength is an important aspect of wellness (both physical as well as mental) and longevity. It contributes to muscular endurance, power and performance. Being strong both physically and mentally has many positive health advantages. Improvement in body strength and tone is always accompanied by a heightened sense of body awareness and confidence. Strength also describes a wonderful feeling of being alive which is difficult to quantify. Other health related advantages of strength include proper posture, stronger spine and abdominal muscles, all of which help live a healthier and longer life.

The strength of the mind or the psyche is as valuable as physical strength. Many factors contribute to achieving a strong mind, spirit and a strong body. Adapting a healthy lifestyle that emphasises on tapping the source of the healing energies within oneself plays a crucial role and they are as follows.....


Breathing or pranayam: Pranayam or breathing exercises revitalizes the body and brings clarity of the mind. Basic breathing consists of Kapalabhati, AnulomaVilomaBrahmari, Sitkari and Sithali. There are other advanced pranayam or breathing exercises that act as powerful instruments in controlling the flow of strength and life.

Regular practice of yoga and pranayam will help your body and mind to work in harmony and will liberate you from worries, tensions, phobias and fatigue.


Meditation: Practise of meditation helps improve clarity of mind, increases relaxation and cleanses the mind of emotions like anger, anxiety, jealousy, and resentment, liberates energy  and alleviates fears, phobia, greed, lust etc that are detrimental to our system.


Food plays a crucial role in impacting our mind, moods, attitudes and health in general. Include foods like whole grains, millets, fruits, vegetables, nuts, herbs etc  for strong bones, strong mind, glowing skin, lustrous hair etc.


Cosmic nutrition: Communicating with the elements of nature like the sun, water, earth, plants, flowers, listening to the chirping of the birds etc can be stimulating and relaxing. Sunshine is essential as it helps provide Vitamin D for the skin and the bones. 


Rest and relaxation: Two most important components for relieving physical and mental stress. Besides these, reading books, being in the right company, prayers all contribute to bringing cheer, joy and happiness and goes a long way in reversing the biological clock.


Physical activity: Strength and toning exercises can help build, firm and tone the muscles. Productive physical activity or exercises like walking, swimming, calisthenics, yoga etc must be added to your daily life as they  energize, stretch and help burn the flab. Yoga stimulates, heals and rejuvenates all the systems of the body.  

A strong and healthy mind is a part and parcel of a strong and healthy body. When you are in a good state of mind, it reflects on the decisions you make, your creativity, your lifestyle and your health.  So energize, revitalize and harmonize yourself and enrich your life.


Mickey Mehta

Mickey Mehta is a wellness & fitness guru as well as a TV and Radio presenter and columnist for various publications and websites. He preaches the concept of holistic health and equipment-free workouts, besides establishing a chain of Mickey Mehta Wellness Temples across Mumbai.

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