Tell us a bit about your journey at IFIN
It has been great working 20 years with the IL&FS group. I have been witness to an atmosphere of action, innovation, new ideas and lateral thinking that was emerging at the time when I joined and continues to evolve. The first 10 years of working here has been great fun to learn and the next ten has been about reaching one milestone after another as a team. So far the journey has been exciting.

How do you build an organisation that is excellent?
The teams have to be excellent. To make the teams excellent, the people have to be excellent. We encourage individual excellence. Many times we have seen that in that endeavour of nurturing and encouraging individuals, individual objectives have run contrary to team objectives. This needs to be handled sensitively. We make a conscious effort to balance individual and team objectives and I think we have been successful thus far. Above all the atmosphere we have created here is that of fun and this keeps us highly motivated.

What is the best way to run teams?
Mentoring is an important part of handling teams. The process of mentoring is not formal in IFIN; it could be over a drink in the evening or a cup of coffee. We have an effective mentoring process on a matrix basis, i.e., across the organisation that is not on paper but several young entrant gets mentored. There are many examples of mentor, mentee both flourishing. This is one of the key reasons why people including youngsters stay on for a long time with the organisation and make truly rewarding career with us.

Did you go through a process of mentoring and how was your experience?
I remember when I was being mentored during my initial years at IL&FS, and the feedback would really make me upset. However, when I look back now, I can say one thing for sure that pain was not in vain! In the initial years of mentoring, the amount of effort you put in to learning, shall pay off at some time, definitely!

How do you define IL&FS or IFIN culture?
Innovation and a continuous ideating culture in not just the area of infrastructure development, but also in other areas that we work on, this is IFIN culture. We have created an excellent organisation collectively.

In conclusion, where do you see yourself 20 years from now?
Speaking for myself, I am still as motivated as when I first began working here, this has not changed. I look forward to spending another 20 years of exciting times with the IL&FS Group!



Rajesh Kotian

Rajesh Kotian is Deputy Managing Director of IL&FS Financial Services (IFIN). Rajesh has more than 22 years of experience in the financial services sector with diverse range of roles, including Business Development, Project Financing and Debt distribution, in the domestic as well as the International arena.


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