Introducing Brynhild D’Souza, IFIN’s very own Tina Turner.  She is one of the most talented employee as well as the most supportive colleague, unanimously approachable person in our organisation. This energetic, firebrand of a woman and get you dancing to her tunes literally.

Her journey began when she was barely 15-16 years old. This daddy’s little girl was brought up on a staple diet of notes, chords and melodies, with her father being one of her main inspirations. Her father wasa part of a band called Creation. During her college years, she became part of a six-member bandChrystal Fire. There was no stopping her from playing 60s and 70’s western music to contemporary western, she has mastered performing various styles. She also belts out various Hindi numbers with much excellence.  Her voice is very much like Tina Turner, Usha Uthup and Sunidhi Chauhan, vibrant and foot stomping. She played many successful gigs at weddings, parties as well as corporate events, among others. After college the band was streamlined into three members who still dedicatedly enthral their audiences.

The three-member band comprises:
1) Brynhild D’Souza
2) Brendon D’Souza
3) Wilfred Pereira

“Being on stage gives me a total high. My biggest satisfaction lies in seeing people enjoy my show,” says the sassy songstress, who loves listening to music by Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston and last but not least Tina Turner.  Brynhild has performed in Kuwait, Kolkatta and Delhi, besides Mumbai.
Her life’s best moment has been when her parents saw her perform on stage and with content smiles said they were proud of her. “Music is in my genes and has always thrilled me. I was always part of choirs and never gave up a chance to perform. I also have had an inclination towards musical instruments and play guitar and keyboard,” Brynhild tells us.

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Bryn's Band

Born in a family of musicians, following my Dad’s footsteps, I began singing at the age of nine and turned professional at seventeen. My initial performances were with him and later moved on to forming my own band. I’ve gigged with several of Mumbai's hottest pop bands and got the opportunity to work with some of the best musicians in Mumbai.

Brynhild D'Souza - IFIN

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