Never underestimate the power of Fear, not just any other human emotion; it's ingrained so
deeply in our system, a virus ready to infect our every notion

But why do we fear Fear, why do we allow it to govern our every action; why can't we break free
of its shackles, clear our mind of any presumed reaction

Why is there a Fear of failure, life is not a test, there is not going to be any pass or fail; just some
necessary lessons on the way, all forming part of an eventful tale

Why is there a Fear of letting people down, we don't owe our life to any other being; just be good
to the people around, their expectations are not worth worrying

Why is there the Fear of getting hurt, all pain dissipates eventually with time; while love has the
power to heal all wounds, what doesn't kill you, just makes you stronger each time

Why is there a Fear of change, why so much love and affection for the status quo; we are never
meant to remain the same, entropy is the way forward and never a foe

Why is there a Fear of the so called ‘Society’, what the hell are they even supposed to be; never
ever give a damn about their view, don't let them influence the way you would ever be

Why is there a Fear of losing, people, things, everything that we falsely perceive to be ours; these
are just gifts with predefined expiry dates, nothing is meant to be eternally ours

Why is there a Fear of death, it will definitely come to us when it is destined to do; so do what u
have to do, be what u want to be, till there is no lifelong dream left to pursue

Thus there is no reason for us to not conquer our fears, no logical basis for them to exist; just
some figments of our own imagination, nothing that would not fade away if we persist

Praful Khurana

Praful Khurana, is Deputy Manger with Project Debt Syndication team at IL&FS Financial Services ( IFIN ), based in Delhi

IFIN is a subsidiary of Infrastructure Leasing & Financial Services Limited ( IL&FS ), India

Praful is Cricket/Football enthusiast. Amateur poet. Aspiring Novelist

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