Recovery must begin immediately after the run to avoid delayed onset of muscle soreness and fatigue.

Simple steps to minimize muscle soreness:


To reduce inflammation, ice your sore muscles.


Get a good massage. This improves circulation.


Do light activities 2 days after the run. Light exercises and stretching accelerates recovery period and enhances blood circulation.


Rebuild muscle tissue with a good wholesome diet that consists of a good combination of complex carbs, proteins, vitamins, minerals etc. A diet high in antioxidants is needed to prevent cellular and oxidative damage. Incorporate citrus fruits, berries, vegetables, whole grains, nuts etc. Immediately after the run, include a banana or any fruit, yogurt, orange juice etc or a nutrition bar if that is more convenient. Have water or a replacement drink with electrolytes or fruit juice for energy.


Take a day’s rest to help your body recuperate from your long stint at training and the final run.


Once the muscle soreness and fatigue ebbs, you can begin moderate exercises. Keep to low intensity workout schedules and increase the tempo only after complete recovery.


Ensure you get good sleep. Sleep deprivation leads to many health issues and weakens the immune system.


Winning alone should not be the prime motivator. Create an environment of absolute enjoyment and enthusiasm from the time you decide to run, train and take on the challenges along the way. Enrichment and motivation comes from this attitude and experience.


Mickey Mehta

Mickey Mehta is a wellness & fitness guru as well as a TV and Radio presenter and columnist for various publications and websites. He preaches the concept of holistic health and equipment-free workouts, besides establishing a chain of Mickey Mehta Wellness Temples across Mumbai.

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