Shravan month is considered pious for Hindus and many go on fasting for the whole month. Similarly, Muslims fast during Ramadan and Christians during the lent period. Religious feelings aside, fasting helps in detoxifying the body and helps in getting it back to optimum functioning.

We all empty trash from our computers, emails and mobiles regularly or when the system slows down or warns about lack of storage space. Our body sends signals too, but sometimes we don’t sense it or can’t identify the problem area. Body has many systems inside that co-ordinate and work to keep all organs in good functioning. Most of the system’s work begins from the stomach, from where the food is digested to further convert to required forms and ultimately to give energy. When there’s wrong food or overload on stomach, its functioning slows down. When given freedom of space within, it corrects itself. If not corrected immediately, the problem goes on accumulating and finally manifests into different disease conditions.  Regular fasting for a minimum of 12 hours everyday between dinner and breakfast helps in ridding of the day’s waste. Further cleansing every month can be done through a day’s fast with only water or with just fruits or with tender coconut water. Those who follow these regular routines normally enjoy good health. Don’t worry if you havn’t followed these routines. It is possible to get back to original functioning of the inner system by undergoing a complete detoxification program.

Detoxing requires longer period of fasting to help the system pull out waste from innermost parts of the body. You can take tender coconut water or lemon and honey during fasting.

Naturopathy has a time tested and sure cure way of detoxing. One has to begin this fast with two days of only fruits for three times a day. Next two days should be followed with fruit or vegetables juices for three times a day. From the fifth day, one has to go on fast with just tender coconut water or lemon and honey water. These two directly get into the blood stream and don’t need the stomach to work on them. Hence leave the stomach free to carry on its cleansing work. Water is a major detoxing agent and drinking of sufficient amount of water is essential during fasting. One has to alternate a quarter liter of water with a glass of lemon juice prepared with 4 teaspoons of honey every hour. For example, if you begin with a glass of water at 8 in the morning, you will have to take a glass of  lemon and honey  juice at 9. Water can be repeated at 10, 12,2,4 and 6 alternating with juice at 11,1,3,5,and 7. This has to go on for days till complete detoxification of the body is achieved. It is amazing to know how easy it is to determine when the body is totally detoxified. The day body stops excreting waste is the day when complete detoxification of the body is done. It means that the body has thrown out all that didn’t belong to it from even the remotest parts of the body. Most disease conditions get cured through this process. Those with a will to get well will not have any problem completing this cycle. If one feels weak or uneasy at any time during fasting he/she can consult a naturopath or a doctor.

If one is not confident of carrying this task on his/her own, it can be done at a good naturopathy centre or under the guidance of a naturopath. These centres are also cure critical illnesses like cancer by administering curative ayurvedic concoctions for a quick recovery. Once detoxing is complete, one has to gradually introduce the body back to normal eating pattern by taking fruit or vegetable juice for two days and then eating fruits for another two days.  After this, one can get back to a good routine and keep maintaining and enjoying good health.

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