It’s good to see many stop by at the juice stall early in the morning after a walk at the garden, jogging track or the beachfront. A good walk and a fresh juice after that is the best way to start a healthy day. One glass of beetroot juice a day is enough to significantly reduce blood pressure in patients with high blood pressure according to recent research. It is already known that beetroot juice helps in raising hemoglobin levels. Combined with carrots and tomatoes, it plays a significant role in containing cancer.

This is an example of a simple vegetable which is commonly available at a nominal price in the market. Raw juice therapy of different fruits, vegetables and greens not just provides fresh energy, but also aids in curing many ailments.

Citrus juice is commonly used during sickness to regain lost energy. Vitamin C in sweet lime, orange and lemon juice is an immunity booster too. Some argue that precious fiber is lost when only juice is used. Of course, fiber is important and it definitely aids in digestion but at times like the above when a person is sick, his or her digestive system is not working at an optimum level. Juice digests easily and releases energy quickly.

Also during regular health condition, one doesn’t normally like to eat a bottle gourd or a big beetroot or two carrots at a time. The same is easy to take-in when crushed and made into juice. It’s also easy to combine different vegetables and flavorings like ginger and lemon when making a juice.

The right time to have juice is in the morning, on an empty stomach after a gap of half an hour after drinking warm water. It can be taken any time in between meals. It can be taken with food during breakfast, but has better effect when taken just by itself and not along with a food item. Adding ice is not recommended but can be consumed little chilled to make it appetising during hot summers.

Juice diet for a day, two or three once in a while, works as a detoxing diet. It also enhances complexion and strengthens body.

Most fleshy fruits are good for making juice and can be made with a single or a blend. Sugar cane juice is rich in iron content and is also a fresh source of energy. Sweet and sour fruits should not be mixed together. Milk can be added with sweet fruits to make milk shakes.

Carrot, beetroot, tomato, most green leafy vegetables, raw mango, cucumber, bottle gourd, bitter gourd and ash gourd are good among vegetables. A combination of vegetables makes the juice tasty.

Recipe for a tasty and healthy mixed vegetable juice:
Carrot-1, Beetroot 1, tomato 1, spinach/mint/coriander/curry leaves/methi leaves a few sprigs, ginger small piece. Wash well, peel and crush all these in a juicer or dice and blend in a mixer and strain in a coarse strainer. Squeeze half lemon piece and add little black salt or add a spoon of honey (for sweeter version). Sit and enjoy your juice sip by sip.
Honey is a natural sweetener and goes well with natural fruits or vegetables. Lemon adds taste.

What better time than summer to start this simple yet effective nutrition booster. Begin your juice therapy from today and enjoy the fresh energy.

By Anand & Madhura Katti


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