1.What according to you would be your immediate focus areas for the growth of IGFSL UK?

IGFSL UK has successfully played a leading role in meeting the capital requirements of the groups infrastructure projects. Having been based in London for the past 20 years, I would like to build upon this and introduce more UK/European business opportunities that can use the groups existing expertise. In particular I would like to broaden our focus to include more equity advisory and M&A. London markets are going through renewed investor interest in equities since the financial crisis of 2008 and we should be well placed to capitalize on this resurgence.

2. In the European Context what role does a CEO play in a Dynamic business environment / in the VUCA world?

As business environments rarely stay the same, it is an important quality for a CEO to gauge the environment and adapt to changing situations and circumstances. I believe as a leader I can handle ambiguity as no transaction is “black and white” and often the solution lies in a route that was not envisaged at the outset.

3. What according to you are the essential traits of a successful CEO?

In my view a successful CEO must be clear on their direction. He or she must know where they are heading and why, and of course know how to get there. It is important to be astute at people selection and build a team who have complementary skills. You must be a team player and give credit to others and value their opinions. A good CEO must be able to inspire his/her team to reach their own goals. I will strive to do this for the London team.

4. What have been the key learnings you would like to share from your leadership journey?

I have learned in life that it is important to be resilient and have the ability to bounce back from setbacks as this happens to everyone in their career. Be persistent in the pursuit of your goals, but be aware of the risks and do not be afraid to change course when needed.

5. What is your style of leadership and how will it work for your new role?

I would like to think I am a democratic leader who may make the final decision, but includes the team in the decision making process. Collaboration and communication are key in building a high engaged, motivated team.

There is a good team already in place in the London office and I am looking forward to building on that in the future.

6. Being a CEO, now what new avenues and achievements you are looking for going forward?

I am looking forward to the growth of our advisory business in London and to work more closely with the other overseas locations in Dubai, Singapore and Hong Kong in creating a truly global presence in the financial markets.

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