Head - Corporate Communications, IL&FS Finanical Services Ltd., shares her leadership journey and the role of corporate communication in business

  • In the business Context today what is the role of corporate communications in a Dynamic business environment like IFIN?

Effective Corporate Communication helps to build a positive attitude towards the company and improves chances of market success. We all agree without any exception that all the issues that a corporate may go through is because of poor or inadequate communication. Communication helps organisations communicate their activities, performance, developments by creating new edge communication platforms to reach out to their external and internal stakeholders.
It is established that the role of corporate communication is to manage the reputation of the brand, and therefore critical. What is important to answer is how can corporate communications help organisations in this time of fierce competition by creating a differentiator and build a mind space in the minds of its important stakeholders.

  • What according to you would be your immediate focus areas for the growth of IFIN’s Brand?

The key focus for Corporate Communication Department at this stage is to create an 'Unified & unique brand identity'. This is a two stage approach that we are aiming at. One is at the organisation level and the other is at the group level. While, we do not want to be seen as breaking away from the mother brand, from which we derive our strength and lineage, we have to been seen as an independent and unique entity. All business of IFIN, should represent IFIN as an unified brand representing every aspect of the organisation as one to the stakeholder, be it international or local, or be it  debt syndication or equity business. This can be achieved through various initiatives like unified look and feel of all our communication material, unified branded images, integrated public communication & messaging etc. 
The attempt is to make single brand identity which has a clear position in the mind of the stakeholder.

  • Why did you choose the corporate communications profile?

Corporate Communication function serves as the conscience of an organisation and is responsible for the reputation of the company. The role of a communicator is very challenging and exciting, it is more strategic than just media relation. Nothing is more exhilarating than manage the reputation of the organisation. I totally love my job of being a “Reputation Manager”.

  • What according to you are the essential traits of a successful Leader?

According to me Leaders come in many shapes and sizes, as defined by environment and individual personality. Each leader must learn to tailor their leadership style to his or her team members and distinct situations. Having said that, a leader is nothing without his or her credibility. Develop the trust of their team members, bosses, and other stakeholders by being truthful and direct at every stage of the process. I believe a Leader should demonstrate passion, compassion, self-belief, initiative, accountability and be humble. Above all he or she must be communicative - Share information, expectations, conflicts, and advice. This will ensure that the team is working with the right attitude and for the right reasons. 

  • What have been the key leanings you would like to share from your leadership journey?

In my span of 15 years of career I have learnt many lessons and these lessons have indeed helped me at various stages of my career. I hope these learnings are useful to the readers as well;

  • Love your job – you are hired because you are expert in your job, don’t get bored of your job ever. Work with same passion and intensity.
  • Be humble – Don’t let success get into your head. Always remember to be thankful to people who have helped you reach where you are
  • Never compromise your values – Values are who you are, never compromise your values to get quick success. Success is a journey and not the destination.
  • Under promise, over deliver – Set expectations right, nothing should ever compromise your credibility
  • Never give up, keep trying – Reflect and learn from those times , this will only make you bigger and better
  • How has been the journey with IFIN so far?

It has been a wonderful start and I am very excited to be associated with such a wonderful brand. I am looking forward to some great work together.

  • What are your professional and personal aspirations?

My professional and personal aspirations are not different, it is to challenge myself to keep doing better and better so that I leave a legacy of good work behind me.

  • What are the different ways in which you feel you can keep your team motivated

To motivate the team, one needs to have a common vision and common goal and a sense of purpose. The team should know “why” they doing what they doing and where is it headed. My team will be given full creative freedom and ownership, because with ownership, comes accountability and responsibility. Corporate communications department strongly believes in professionalism, honesty and transparency, and I would like the team to ensure that in no circumstances shall we compromise on these values.

As shared with IFIN Panorama Editorial Team

Mona Mohan


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