Thought and intention are two finer influences in this universe. However, the ability to harness and manifest that intention into reality, works through the pure principle of harmonising all efforts and the ability to achieve what one has imagined. The act of scaling heights is a reflection of honest intentions and focused actions.

IL&FS Financial Services (IFIN), one of India's leading financial services organisation and a pioneer in innovative finance structuring, has been successful on numerous fronts by leveraging the expertise of its leaders and employees.

IFIN began its operations alomst a decade ago within India with a vision to be one of the finer companies to work for. IFIN has had a successful journey over these years with wholehearted recognition from the peers in the industry and has expanded its global footprint with four international subsidiaries. In the last eight years, IFIN has become a global player by closing marquee international infra financing deals and presents a complelling business proposition to the international investors. Whether it be financial innovation in form of pioneering the first Indian infrastructure debt fund or being the first choice for prestigious Indian Infrastructure development project, IFIN’s success has been the fruit of path breaking leadership of the leaders and commitment of its employees. As the MD and CEO Mr Ramesh C Bawa says “the consistently diligent efforts and the team spirit exhibited at the work place by IFIN employees, has not only helped in achieving many milestones for the Company but has also been able to make IFIN a reputable Institution in the financial sector”

"The consistently diligent efforts and the team spirit exhibited at the work place by IFIN employees, has not only helped in achieving many milestones for the Company but has also been able to make IFIN a reputable Institution in the financial sector"
- Mr Ramesh C Bawa
MD & CEO, IL&FS Financial Services Ltd

The pivot for IFIN’s success has been cross pollination of talent, skills and knowledge. The company has been able to capitalise on novel market ideas and the experience of its employees to drive change internally, and leverage that to succeed in new market opportunities externally. The organisation’s earnestness has been in engaging talent, nurturing and grooming them through their career journey. IFIN leadership is cognizant of the true potential of the employee talent and provides suitable opportunities to them e.g. the leadership of international locations and other businesses have first been offered to high potential and performance achieving employees. This helps the employees to get a value proposition and they find “greener pastures” of growth within the organisation to fulfil the company’s vision and their professional aspirations.

Employee retention for IFIN has been around 95% and in spite of being a relatively newer organisation; its employee lifespan averages more than five years. The IFIN culture and camaraderie at work, has been a factor because of which employees have joined us back to start their journey again with us and shouldered higher responsibilities. The strong sense of belonging created through nurturing leadership and the brewed entrepreneurial mind set is the signature of the IFIN Culture. As Mr Milind Patel, Joint Managing Director of IFIN says “Once an IL&FS IFIN guy, always and IL&FS IFIN guy”. The organization values self-motivated employees and drives performance to give career opportunities that help the employees achieve their professional aspirations.

"Once an IL&FS IFIN guy, always an IL&FS IFIN guy"
- Mr Milind Patel

The philosophy of employee welfare is not limited to the employees alone, the organisation has institutionalised an outreach program wherein it assists employee children’s, to realise their academic aspirations. The certitude through which the company extends its support in different ways is testament of the fact of employee commitment.

The IFIN Academy (Centre of Excellence, COE), has a comprehensive, nuanced and focused approach in enriching the role and experience of the people in the organisation. The COE collaborates with the best in the industry to innovate and facilitate alternate ways of capability development initiatives for the employees. The COE has been adopting a methodical process to enhance development, the learning strategy involves different steps to ensure the right development needs are identified, it empowers the people managers to mentor their direct reports for a facilitative approach. The COE leverages the best training resources for efficient learning, which in turn align employees to organisational goals and personal aspirations.

Through the competency based development initiatives, IFIN builds a cohort of individuals who demonstrate high potential, in turn building a pool of strong and young leaders as successors.

"We have been able to create a model to balance effectively between individual excellence and team objectives at IFIN and that helps us create winning teams!"
- Mr Rajesh Kotian
Deputy Managing Director, IL&FS Financial Services Ltd

As an employer IFIN recognizes the power of rewarding significant performance, to live this philosophy IFIN institutionalized the rewards and recognition program I-Star. The program has a well defined criteria and thought through jury process for selection of award winners. It culminates as one of the biggest event of the year at IFIN and completed its 5th Chapter this year IFIN’s culture, which thrives on the employer-employee relationship of mutual appreciation and respect, is a competitive advantage. The senior management’s focus on the success and unwavering commitment to invest in their employees is truly strategic in creating a strong and valuable workforce. “IFIN Panorama” the quarterly newsletter magazine and website (, is a global platform created as a result of the vision of Mr Ramesh C Bawa, where all employees of IFIN are able to share their views and showcase their talent. It is an Interactive way of connecting with the world and share information about infrastructure financing – a leading practise in the industry.

Considering that there is a healthy and diverse mix of employees old and the new, where the work and life experiences of each group is unique, the organisations corporate culture has genuinely created and fostered an environment of transparency which allows everyone to work with great intensity and accomplish more. It is humbling to witness senior leadership as well as key employees who have either spent their entire career span this establishment or others who have made significant strides even after a transitional break, have not only received equal opportunities from the organisation but have also been left inspired. Mr Rajesh Kotian, Deputy Managing Director of IFIN says “We have been able to create a model to balance effectively between individual excellence and team objectives at IFIN and that helps us create winning teams!”

As an employer, IFIN believes in doing its bit and impacting lives of its employees. To take a verse in context from one of the Indian scriptures, “Reshape yourself through the power of your will”, fits in well with the people philosophy of the organisation. The top management and leadership of IFIN intend that career enabling opportunities and platforms are and will be created so that employees feel a part of the whole and thus validate IFIN’s core value - “People build Businesses”

As collated by Ms Sharmistha Banerjee during her interaction with the IFIN team.


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