Leadership requires enormous amounts of emotional energy as he/she has to create conditions for everyone in the organisation to perform better for collective success. Leaders must have personal clarity about goals and values to galvanize the energies of the work force at hand. Effective leadership management is all about your action and behaviour towards the people in creating a better future!

A leader’s most important role is to connect with the people of his/her organisation by creating simple, achievable visions. Any strategy becomes easy to execute if understood better by the employees as well as your business partners. People get motivated and excited when they connect with your ideas and proposals. A sense of involvement and a mindset for experimentation must exist within the leader and the top management.

The core aim of any organisational set up is to succeed. So, challenges and conditions must be imparted to all down the line for better vision and execution.

How to shine as a leader:

The following qualities in a leader will make things easier for execution.....


Guide and motivate employees to take up challenges


Instil a deep sense of responsibility by allowing them to take risks and finding  solutions to handle consequences


Develop a friendly and collaborative environment to learn and respect others ideas and inputs


Set up a common agenda whereby the employees and the top management take pride in achieving the goals of the organisation.


Team building and interactive programs need to be set up and pursued regularly to develop and culture the company’s strength.

As a leader put your best self forward and be someone who works with the team, someone to whom they bring their fears and doubts into the open to resolve through discussions and visualization techniques which will help you achieve your organisations objectives.

Today’s work force spend more time at work and are increasingly looking for work satisfaction through better opportunities and networking. As a leader one should energize this work force and manage their emotions with positive psychology tools in order to make one’s own and others work experience more productive with sustained performance. Therefore the main focus of any leader is to offer value based insights and perspectives thereby instilling a sense of purpose and loyalty.

Most importantly, emphasise on the wellbeing of the entire body and mind.  Encourage and nurture the philosophy of health care versus self care. The spirit gets buoyant only when the mind and body get healed. Wellness makes you graceful, creative, productive and humble. So create an environment for everyone in your organisation maximize their self confidence and productivity through regular exercises, yoga, meditation and pranayam.

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Mickey Mehta

Mickey Mehta is a wellness & fitness guru as well as a TV and Radio presenter and columnist for various publications and websites. He preaches the concept of holistic health and equipment-free workouts, besides establishing a chain of Mickey Mehta Wellness Temples across Mumbai.

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