Yoga is one of the most effective forms of exercises for runners and athletes and just about anybody! Yoga can boost flexibility, coordination, strength and cardiovascular fitness. Yoga is a combination of deep breathing exercises, meditation and stretching. It helps to improve flexibility and agility which are key components of any sport. Yoga also helps to develop core strength, promotes concentration and memory, both of which are essential aspects of any sports or athletic performance.

Here are a few Yogasanas (do them under supervision and guidance) that must be included in the training:

  1. Include breathing exercises with 8 to 10 rounds of suryanamaskars.

  2. Tadasana or the mountain pose- stretches tired feet, arms, spine and calf

  3. Trikonasana or the trangle pose-gives excellent lateral stretch to the spine  and tones the spinal nerves

  4. Veerbhadrasana or the warrior pose- exercises the limbs, and makes the knee and the hip joints more flexible

  5. Vrikshasana or the tree pose-helps to improve concentration and gives one a sense of balance

  6. Janushirasana or the head to knee pose- stretches the hamstrings and calf muscles

  7. Bhujangasana or the cobra pose-- stretches the spine, back and tones the abdominal organs

  8. Naukasana or the boat pose- strengthens and tones the abdominal organs

  9. Dhanurasana or the bow pose- reduces abdominal fat, strengthens muscles and joints

  10. Marjariasana or the cat pose- stretches the spine and eases lower back pain

  11. Ustrasana or the camel pose- stretches inner thigh, tones the spine

  12. Bhadrasana or the butterfly pose- increases blod supply to the abdomen, pelvis, back and stretches the inner thigh

  13. Charasana or the wheel pose- improves flexibility of the spine

  14. Matsyasana or the fish pose- relieves stiffness in the neck and shoulder muscles.


To make yoga completely effective, breathing and meditation must be a part of the routine.

Kapalbhati increases lung capacity, stamina and cleanses the respiratory tract.

Anulom-Vilom balances and slows down the heart rate

Shitlipranayam is excellent for cooling down the internal system of the body and helps to relieve thirst and hunger and can be done even while walking.

10 minutes of meditation daily cleanses the mind of anxiety, fears and phobia, elevates clarity of thought and increases relaxation which translates into faster recovery after the run.


Mickey Mehta

Mickey Mehta is a wellness & fitness guru as well as a TV and Radio presenter and columnist for various publications and websites. He preaches the concept of holistic health and equipment-free workouts, besides establishing a chain of Mickey Mehta Wellness Temples across Mumbai.

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